Eradicating Sudden Childhood Heart Attacks With Art, Heart, & Peace:
Origami Heart Trust Empowers You to Make a Difference

Founded in memory of Justin Carr, the Origami heart trust is a bio-rechargeable organization that asks YOU to co create our future. But our main priority will never change: to eradicate sudden childhood heart attacks caused by pediatric cardiomyopathy primarily through the dissemination and use of the Origami Heart Trust's pediatric heart attack assessment. Nonprofit statistics suggest that 12 kids an hour have sudden heart attacks. Each hour one of those children will die. However, there exists a 12 question heart attack assessment that, in Europe, has proven over the last 25 years to be over 85% effective in saving lives. Currently, only 6% of U.S. d octors even know that these questions exist.  We created a community where this will change. With our programs, services, and even products we created an innovative way to distribute our quiz to parents across America.

Tragedy provided our inspiration to take a stand. Vision lead us to believe in ourselves. Innovation allowed the internet to provide us a podium. will YOU unfold?













Biorechargeable - (adj)

transitive verb

1 :  to charge again; especially through human intervention 
2 :  to inspire or invigorate afresh via biological or human methods :  renew



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